Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well.. Our Christmas Tree is up, decorations are out, Christmas Shopping almost finished and.. Our Pictures Came back. enjoy!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sweet little Boy
I love the way
the bridge of your little nose
fits perfectly against my lips.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You just came to see me in my halloween costume right? well as you can see i am not thrilled with this Getup, but enjoy it anyway.
This is much better.. i like to be warm when i go outside to play
Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Monday, October 30, 2006

More Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The little man had his 18 month Checkup.. i have a healthy 25lb and 32 1/2 inch adventurous little man. but i already knew that. He did fairly well at the app and even better for his shots. He whimpered for a second and then it was over. NO more shots until he is 4 Praise God! He even drug his bear to this appointment. but after the shots the bear got a bandaid on his Boo Boo's too.

After the Dr i brought him home and he went straight into his room for NEMO.. i fixed him lunch and Tiff and Chase came over and we left to go shopping for picture clothes at the PX.i spent a little over $100 on The hubster a new shirt, me 2 maternity shirts (i dont know which one i will wear and one was on sale), i needed a pair of Khaki pants, The little man a solid blue shirt to match. i also sprung for 2 new pair of pj's and another shirt for the little man just because ;). i hope these pictures turn out ok. we havent had family pictures done since Riley was 6 months old.

I also picked up a few more Christmas presents while i was out. i bought lady and the tramp 2, some kind of bath memory toys, and a bat and ball. i am thinking about picking our layaway up early so that way i can see what i need to get still. for the most part our Christmas shopping for Riley is finished. Last week i picked up a blues clues sleeping bag for the Little Mans newest obsession. and i ordered him a talking Go Diego Go doll brand new from EBAY. He is a spoiled little thing isnt he?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. Not really!
i bundled The little man up and took him over to Tiffany's house to play with Chase for the morning. She went on a cleaning spree and was throwing out old food from her cupboards. The boys had a blast placing all the expired boxed goods into trash bags :).
I did manage to score like 12 or 13 cans of formula for Sawyer. :) Formula is so darn expensive.. when she asked if i wanted it i said YES YES!! at least we will have some formula on hand when we get home from the hospital for him since i dont know how WIC works here. i remember after Riley was born i had to take him with me to WIC and they gave me the formula coupons that day. I was attempting to breast feed but it wasnt working out. Thankfully we has some sample cans from free diaper bags to last until we had our WIC app. So i thought that was very nice of her to do.
i keep thinking in my head about all the things i should be doing getting ready for Sawyer's big arrival. i really need to finish going through all of The little mans clothes that are boxed up in storage so i know what we need to start buying. i know i sold most of his 0-3 month stuff on ebay or took it to the consignment sore for store credit.

list of what i think we need based off of what is lingering around in my head!
* Bottles (for sure)
*Wash cloths
*Coming home outfit
*Newborn Diapers
thats all ive got for right now. i know we have a carseat, Double stroller, Swing, Bassinet (2 sets of sheets), Recieving blankets, Boppy pillow, Baby bath tub, bottle warmer

i just really need to do inventory..lol some of the things the little man used i wont reuse for BEBE like bottles and such, Plus the little man is still using a bottle for now

The hubster and i watched the omen last night.. Very good movie. long and the ending wasnt what i expected but a really good not too scary movie :)
i think we may have the buy the little man a new finding nemo movie. He watched it 4 times yesterday and im afraid at the rate it will wear out fairly soon.

Riley is awake i must go feed the little man some breakfast. he has his 18 month appointment this morning and he gets SHOTS!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here are some of the things i have been up to this Month Running Around the house Nekkid
More Running with Chase
Playing peek a boo with Chase
Eating lots of cucumbers
Learning how to wash my hands
Playing Ball of course
Playgroup on Thursdays
Hiding behind the shower curtain from mommy

Spending time outside swinging is my favorite
Helping Dad work on my new huffy bike to make sure it works right
Eating lunch with lots of Ketchup involved
testing out the pedals on my bike
climbing at the park
Sitting at the picnic table
Eating his Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich at the park
Max and Riley looking at the water in the pool (no hes not ours)
Riley playing with his new buddy max

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Trip Home From Dachau
Um yes..hello! we are lost, can you help us get back home?
Riley and Chase on the Park bench at the park
Riley sliding.. what fun!
Mommy trying to convince riley that it would be fun to swing all by himself
Ok so i am doing it.. all by myself this is fun momma

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