Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good-Bye Fort Leonard Wood! i will miss you all! when we come back from Germany i will be a big 4 year old boy! i love all of you :) Mommy, Daddy and me at Ruby Tuesdays for Dinner
A lot of the people who care about my daddy, mommy and myself
This is a portrait of me looking out the big window

Those silly kids are making me laugh

Monday, April 17, 2006

This is Riley's first easter basket, i snapped this picture before he started tearing into it. As soon as those little eyes popped open he made a B-line straight to it. and yes Riley did have chocolate for breakfast :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bathtime babies

Taking a Train ride with my cousins Samuel and Gage
Grandpa with his two Grandsons at the Blu Rabbit
Riley with the Blu Rabbit
Gage and i playing in the kid castle
Riley on a plastic alligator
Im King of the world!

This is Taylor and me swinging outside with paw-paw
Dad put me in this tree, im a big boy and wasnt even scared

Here are some pictures of different houses on the Gulf Coast where Hurricane Katrina hit. My Me- Me and pawpaw and the rest of my family live only 10 or 15 minutes away in Mississippi.

This is a snapshot of My cousin taylor and i on one of the first days we were in mississippi, we were playing outside this day and blowing bubbles. oh and eating cheetoes :)
this was taken a little bit after we arrived after we surprised my Me-Me and made her cry

and this is taylor again.. with cheetos all over her face.. i was around i think those are my fingers in the background.

Here are some pictures from my birthday party that i promised.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

we are back!~ I am going to post about Rileys Birthday party and our trip to mississippi here in awile. When riley is taking a nap. we have lots of exciting things to post and i hope that you will check back soon :). Hi Cole and Hayden :) mom says we wil visit some time this weekend ~ we have missed you!

Monday, April 03, 2006

i dont have alot of time right now to post about Rileys Birthday party.. The movers will be here in 2 hours and i have alot to do. however i will update tonight. for now i leave you will two pictures. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Darling Riley*
Two More weeks until your one year Birthday. i cant believe almost one year ago i was looking at your precious face for the first time, Feeling your wiggles and hearing your sweet cry. Every Month since your birth i have been counting down the Days to your First Birthday. This First year with you has been the greatest gift that i could have ever recieved. i gave you life,and now you are giving life to me.
From the moment that i knew that you were on your way into the world i held my banner high letting the world know that i was ready to be a mother. i spent inpatient months buying Maternity clothes and waiting to"Show" jealous of all the other mothers-to-be whose pregant bellies collided with the displays of baby paraphenalia at Walmart.
I assumed that I already had all the tools and faculties to birth and raise a child. I read a few books, took a birth class but overall, I was brimming with confidence. Instead of pouring over books on babies, I spent my time shopping for baby gear. Oh yes. The SHOPPING. We had every gadget and bauble that I could lay my hands on. Your Dad shook his head as every corner of our house took on the appearance of a display aisle at Babies R Us. Months before your birth, we had enough clothes stockpiled to dress you in a different outfit every day of your first three years.
you were born 2 days after your due date, Mommy wanted you here sooner, but you had your own plans and you came on time, your own time :) it was a magical moment in time. As the exhaustion gave way, I was confident and proud. In other words, I was a delusional rookie.
You received the benefit of my over protective parenting. I turned my mother high-beams on you,i didnt want you out of my sight for a moment and i documented every wiggle, every sigh. It was very important to me that I have a ready, understandable reason for everything that happened. If you cried, I wanted an explanation, and I wanted to share it with the world, to prove that I had mothering chops.
You are adventurous, creative, determined and sensitive. Your laugh never fails to make my toes curl, and your 'Sleepy' face is the best I've ever seen. When you cry those giant crocodile tears and I can hear the hurt radiating from your very core, I open my arms and you crawl up into my lap and rest your firm, wet cheek against mine. Somehow, that makes it better.
Your face is more familiar than my own. You are my own flesh and blood, and yet you are surprising and wonderous. When you sleep with your butt in the air, knees curled underneath your body and arms thrown overhead in an exaggerated Child's Pose, I can glimpse the tiny baby I brought home a year ago.
I remember Spending the first 20 Years of my life in anticipation,that time would hurry up, i counted down the days to each of my Birthdays i couldnt wait to get my drivers license, Get married and most of all have children. it wasnt until i had you that now i wish time would slow down. time is very precious because we never know when a day could be our last. i want to spend every moment i can with you, getting to know you inside and out. i still cant believe that only a year has passed since you have been born. and yet i can never imagine my life without you.

You, more than anything else, have made me, well, ME. I used to credit my strengths and blame my weaknesses on my years as a stubborn child, my experiences as a young woman, my travels, my loving and traumatic relationships. Being your mother has brought me to my knees in thanks and in shame. I have been humbled like never before and have been filled with an exhiliration so great I wanted to shout my joy for the whole world to hear.Over the last year, I discovered a heart beating inside me . Mothering makes me FEEL in a very physical way. I used to pride myself on being able to detach emotionally, on letting the little things roll off my back. Now I well up and spill over at parades. And fireworks. And while talking about you. I'm so very proud of you.
I will always hold the baby-you close to my heart. My eyes seek you out, finding that baby at unexpected times as you continue to amaze me with all the growing and learning and challenging and adventuring you do. You've got a zest for life, a spring in your step and a song in your heart. You have always had it, and I feel charged to protect and nurture that spark. and I just keep loving you more. Happiness and health to you, my darling Baby. All my love.

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