Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just a Few pictures from last weekSleepy little man after a long day in K-town
Running to the Swings at the park
Doing whatever it is he does :)
Look at those eyes...
Such a little flirt
Eating a pickle
Making mean eyes at mommy
Eating a Caramel Apple Sucker

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This week hasnt been too interesting... i did take a bazillion pictures though and will post those later. I am too lazy to go get the camera out of my purse. Bryan had his organizational day in K-town yesterday. It was rainy, then sunny, then rainy and so on. so it was a big muddy mess. Riley enjoyed himself at the park for a bit. Bryan played Basketball, Volleyball and some Tug-of-war. i was exhausted about halfway through so i thought if i took Riley to the car he would take a nap. He didnt, bryan came and got him and i ended up taking a little nap. They had GREAT food. i could have stayed at the food table ALL DAY. but i didnt. We went to Mcdonalds on the way home and got stuck in traffic for almost 45 minutes. Mcdonalds is giving away these awesome coke glasses when you buy a Maxi Meal (like the american Value meal) so we have two pink ones now. I think Bryan wants to go back Saturday so he can get a blue one for himself. When we finally got home we went to Tiffany and Joshs for a visit. Bryan and Josh played the x-box and Tiff and i laughed at Chase and Riley being silly. I love watching Riley play with other kids, Even though he is a bit rough at times.. he will learn. I HOPE THAT HE WILL LEARN.

A Man after my own HeartNo one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there is wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. -Erma Bombeck

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Opal Zoo
We Took a trip to the petting Zoo this weekend. Hope you Enjoy the Pictures :)
Image Hosted by
Riley Feeding one of the very obnoxious Goats
Image Hosted by
And also some Deer

Image Hosted by
Pointing at the Meer Cats
Image Hosted by
Arent they cute
Image Hosted by
taking in the excitment
Image Hosted by
This hippo was just adorable and liked attention too. he kept popping up at the same place blowing his nose at us.
Image Hosted by
Riley looking at the piggies

Image Hosted by
wallowing in the mud
Image Hosted by
This Giraffe.. Ran along the fence line with us as we walked past.
Image Hosted by
Riley and Chase looking at the Giraffes
Image Hosted by
Chase and Riley sitting on a gigantic Turtle
Image Hosted by
Riley in the ball pit
Image Hosted by
he loved all the balls
Image Hosted by
jumping on the giant trampoline
Image Hosted by
watching chase jump
Image Hosted by
Riley took a pony ride
Image Hosted by
& fed the Goats some more
Image Hosted by
yeah we left after they were all mobbing us for some food
Image Hosted by
We rode Go-Carts
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Thats all folks :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well Riley-Bugs is in school for a few hours today, and i have the whole house to myself for awile. Im so bored, its weird not having riley here to snuggle with on the couch, and hanging off my legs when he wants me to pick him up or play. I am however being productive, i am baking a cake for one of bryans friends.. today is his birthday and he is a little depressed that he cannot be with his family. its the least we can do and besides that... its CHOCOLATE.i really should start clearing out the guest bedroom.. i have no clue where to start. there are still boxes of stuff we dont use or that need to go downstairs to storage. Yesterday Riley and i tagged along with Chase and Tiffany to do some Grocery shopping, it was fun and we took the boys to Burger King for lunch. Riley was estatic to be riding in the car and not his stroller.. everything is so close here we can walk. Tomorrow is playgroup, i always look forward to these days. i think i get more excited than Riley i love watching Riley interacting with others. he can be so sweet sometimes. Ive been really emotional lately, i dont know why.. just looking at Riley almost makes me well up with tears.. i just love that little guy so much and he is my world. and today my baby is another month older... 16 months WOW

Monday, August 14, 2006

uneventful weekend!
nothing happened this weekend.. we stayed inside, it was Rainy.
Bryan had friday off but he was sick :(, Riley hasnt been outside since last thursday. i was going to take him to the grocery store with me but he fell asleep on the couch and i didnt want to wake him. We pretty much popped A LOT of popcorn and watched movies all weekend. i did take Riley to visit Chase on saturday while the boys rode their bikes to Mainz-Kastel. I have a new craving.. Pickled eggs, oh and popcorn. i hit 14 weeks today. no big changes really, it just hurts if i try to sleep on my stomach, so i have started sleeping on my side witha pillow between my legs. oh we rearranged the living room this weekend too.. i like it so much better :) i should get to cleaning the house, i need to mop and dust. Riley is watching go-diego-go. and i am sipping on my morning coffee.not sure whats going on for today. besides cleaning and the normal stuff. I still havent decided if i am going on the cultural tour on wednesday. i want bryan to go :(. plus we need to start saving more money for Christmas time. i cannot wait to see how riley reacts this year. ok enough procrastinating i must go now.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another First.. But not a pleasant one

So before playgroup i always throw Riley in the Bath tub so that i can fix my hair and makeup. i hear ker-plunkand a ooooo from Riley. i look and he is dumping right in the bathwater and brushing his teeth at the same time. EW! so i proceedto drain the bathtub and a few more Ker-plunks later. i find myself filling back up the bathtub with more bubbles and then he decidesto pee in the water. i gave up! Got Riley out of the tub and dressed for playgroup. and we have ten minutes left before we leave andhe has been standing at the door screaming because he wants to go now. Next thursday i am waiting to dress him and put his shoes on until last minute.He knows shoes = Bye-bye. and he is one very inpatient toddler! But he does look so cute in his new little sweats and nike tennis shoes :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It doesnt seem like its been that long since ive blogged last.. but i guess it has. We havent had much going on. Let me think....
oh last saturday they had a Stork Strassa on post for new mothers and mothers to be. it was a good time. they had door prizes. I won a camo miracle blanket.. they retail for $40 there was only 150 of the camo ones made and 149 of those went to mothers whos husbands were deployed. so i have a one of a kind. they are awesome blankets. I wanted one for Riley but ive never seen them in stores. I also have a pink one that they gave to everyone. So if this little one is a boy, i guess we will still use it. We also found a Double Stroller at the yard sale. $40 and it looks almost brank new. Riley seemed to enjoy himself too. of course he had a baloon in his hand so he was all set.
Riley went to School on monday.. i missed him :( but i saw him out of our window playing outside and he looked like he had fun. he was there for four hours while i cleaned and did some laundry. so i snuck a few peeks out the window to see him :). i dont know if i will take him back next week. i may just do it every other week.
oh.. our car kind of broke down. we dont know what is wrong. we had one of our friends jump it and now it seems fine. soo who knows.
Bryan and i went with some friends to downtown mainz and had mexican.. it was AWESOME!
i think Riley is teething again. he woke up yesterday with a fever and bright red cheeks. BUT today so far he is in good spirits and ready to go outside and Bye-Bye :)
I signed up for a cultural tour with my friend Andrea yesterday, its is on the 16th of this month. I am really considering taking Riley with me. however she is putting her kids in hourly care at the CDC. i think he would have fun.. i havent made up my mind yet.
The pregnancy is going very well... So far i am gaining the weight and bryan is getting all the heartburn (i love it).
Riley new words.. "HI"( in a loooong drawn out way) its too cute. "Shoe"( and he will bring me his shoe). "cookie" and MEEE MEEE.
i think thats it for now. riley needs my attention..we are still wroking on that attention span :)

Just a few pictures

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