Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Trip Home From Dachau
Um yes..hello! we are lost, can you help us get back home?
Riley and Chase on the Park bench at the park
Riley sliding.. what fun!
Mommy trying to convince riley that it would be fun to swing all by himself
Ok so i am doing it.. all by myself this is fun momma

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dachau Concentration Camp

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All prisoners walked through this gate, marked with the sentence "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work will set you free)

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The Main Building once you enter the Camp
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a sink in the "Interrogation Room"

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Objects Confinscated from Fritz Dressel in 1933

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Prisoner Uniform as of 1938

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this table was used to beat and torture the prisoners

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Eating Bowl

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The red cross would send packages to the prisoners at the camp.

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The Zellenbau, or bunker, was a prison within the Dachau prison compound. This is where the VIP prisoners were held in private cells. A wing of the bunker that was reserved for SS soldiers, who had committed crimes, this is one of the doors outside of one of the cells The bunker was the place where "special prisoners," such as Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler and the Rev. Martin Niemöller had private prison cells. They were free to walk around outside the building during the day. Other prisoners were confined in these cells as punishment. An east wing with cells for the Nazi SS guards, who had violated the strict rules governing their behavior, has been torn down. Prisoners who were condemned to death were hanged on a gallows in the courtyard between the bunker and the service building..

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a toilet inside one of the cells

Sunday, September 17, 2006

As the war progressed, the camp became overcrowded and living conditions became intolerableEach barrack had two compartments with separate outside doors. There was a living space with tables for eating and lockers along the walls for clothes. Prisoners had to remove their shoes before entering; the barracks had to be kept obsessively clean and orderly.
Hundreds of prisoners were stacked into triple bunks in each barracks.
Each compartment had its own flush toilets and wash room

The prisoners had to assemble on the roll call ground every morning and every evening. in all weather conditions, they were forced to stand to attention motionless for about an hour. Even the dead had to be dragged to roll call to be counted. if the number of prisoners on roll call did not match the official head count the torture could last for many hours. it often happened that sick and weak prisoners would collapse during roll call , the other prisoners were forbidden to help them. On the roll call ground the SS carried out punishments for all prisoners to see. In the final months before liberation , large transports of prisoners arrived in Dachau, many sick and exhausted prisoners died here.
The Jewish memorial
The Jewish Memorial is built out of basalt lava; part of it is 6 feet underground, the depth of a grave. A hole in the roof allows a person inside to look up at the Menorah on top. The ramp which leads into the underground room has a fence on either side which resembles a barbed wire fence.
The modern sign outside the building housing the cremation ovens says in German "Think about how we died here."

In 1942, the crematorium area was constructed next to the main camp. It included the old crematorium and the new crematorium (Barrack X) with a gas chamber. These coal-fired ovens were used between 1943 and October 1944. The bodies of the Nazi war criminals, who were sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trial, were the last corpses to be cremated here, including the body of Hermann Göring. A sign overhead says that Dachau prisoners were executed by hanging from the rafters

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View of the west wall in the gas chamber
This is the infamous gas chamber that was disguised as a shower room. There are 15 holes in the ceiling where fake shower heads that look like the head of a garden sprinkler can were mounted flush with the ceiling. Zyklon B pellets were poured onto the floor through bins, resembling garbage chutes, on the outside wall.

The saddest part is how little people seem to have learned in the passing years. Genocide still happens. People still look upon others as less worthy, less human, and then they act on their worst impulses. We cannot bring back those who suffered and perished at places like this, but we should at least honor their memory by resolving never to allow tradgedies like this to be repeated again. The camp at Dachau and the other preserved death camps are not fitting memorials; a fitting memorial would be a world free of this sort of hatred. How sad that we haven't built it yet.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Great Day to Play

as you can see from the pictures above, Riley was able to go to the park yesterday with his friend chase. they had lots of fun. Bryan and Riley made it back safe and sound on Sunday. the weather has went from being super cool to warm. that gives riley some outdoor time. and everyone knows the boy loves it outside :). Today was a Riley day all around. First was playgroup, and then we all went out for lunch. after nappy time i took riley back outside to the big boy park, we had dinner, bath time and around 7 Tiffany and i took the boys back out to play in their jammies. it was a fun day but very exhausting for mommy. this weekend will be just as busy. Friday grocery shoping and on saturday we are taking a 4 hour trip to the Concentration camps in Dachau.. near Munich. ill be sure to post pics as i am sure this will be a very interesting trip. that is if the internet allows. and i wont even get started on our internet problems :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

168 Hours 7 days either way is a long time to be without your baby. For a year and a half every day he has never been without his mother. id say i am taking it harder than Riley is. I miss him, i really should be relaxing,But all i can think about is riley. Climbing up in my lap, or reaching for the Jar of pickles in the refrigerator. i miss him saying my name over and over. on ordinary Days there would be things that would drive me crazy, such as not being able to take a shower unless the little man was sleeping or better yet having him in the shower with me. i missed that today. i missed having riley help me make the bed, and then wanting to jump on it right afterwards. or him taking his diaper off about a thousand times in an hour. i miss him bringing me his "shoes" because he wants to go bye bye. i miss those big blue eyes looking right up at me and smiling just when i needed a smile most. i miss not having to shut the bathroom door.. to protect the toilet paperfrom those timy little hands. I miss riley bringing me his bottle asking me for more. i miss the little pitter patter of his feet,and kicking toys out of my way so i can walk. i miss going into the kitchen and finding riley on the table tossing the fruit out of the basket onto the floor. i keep telling myself ill only be without him for 7 days. 7 days seems like an eternity

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