Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The little man had his 18 month Checkup.. i have a healthy 25lb and 32 1/2 inch adventurous little man. but i already knew that. He did fairly well at the app and even better for his shots. He whimpered for a second and then it was over. NO more shots until he is 4 Praise God! He even drug his bear to this appointment. but after the shots the bear got a bandaid on his Boo Boo's too.

After the Dr i brought him home and he went straight into his room for NEMO.. i fixed him lunch and Tiff and Chase came over and we left to go shopping for picture clothes at the PX.i spent a little over $100 on The hubster a new shirt, me 2 maternity shirts (i dont know which one i will wear and one was on sale), i needed a pair of Khaki pants, The little man a solid blue shirt to match. i also sprung for 2 new pair of pj's and another shirt for the little man just because ;). i hope these pictures turn out ok. we havent had family pictures done since Riley was 6 months old.

I also picked up a few more Christmas presents while i was out. i bought lady and the tramp 2, some kind of bath memory toys, and a bat and ball. i am thinking about picking our layaway up early so that way i can see what i need to get still. for the most part our Christmas shopping for Riley is finished. Last week i picked up a blues clues sleeping bag for the Little Mans newest obsession. and i ordered him a talking Go Diego Go doll brand new from EBAY. He is a spoiled little thing isnt he?

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