Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. Not really!
i bundled The little man up and took him over to Tiffany's house to play with Chase for the morning. She went on a cleaning spree and was throwing out old food from her cupboards. The boys had a blast placing all the expired boxed goods into trash bags :).
I did manage to score like 12 or 13 cans of formula for Sawyer. :) Formula is so darn expensive.. when she asked if i wanted it i said YES YES!! at least we will have some formula on hand when we get home from the hospital for him since i dont know how WIC works here. i remember after Riley was born i had to take him with me to WIC and they gave me the formula coupons that day. I was attempting to breast feed but it wasnt working out. Thankfully we has some sample cans from free diaper bags to last until we had our WIC app. So i thought that was very nice of her to do.
i keep thinking in my head about all the things i should be doing getting ready for Sawyer's big arrival. i really need to finish going through all of The little mans clothes that are boxed up in storage so i know what we need to start buying. i know i sold most of his 0-3 month stuff on ebay or took it to the consignment sore for store credit.

list of what i think we need based off of what is lingering around in my head!
* Bottles (for sure)
*Wash cloths
*Coming home outfit
*Newborn Diapers
thats all ive got for right now. i know we have a carseat, Double stroller, Swing, Bassinet (2 sets of sheets), Recieving blankets, Boppy pillow, Baby bath tub, bottle warmer

i just really need to do inventory..lol some of the things the little man used i wont reuse for BEBE like bottles and such, Plus the little man is still using a bottle for now

The hubster and i watched the omen last night.. Very good movie. long and the ending wasnt what i expected but a really good not too scary movie :)
i think we may have the buy the little man a new finding nemo movie. He watched it 4 times yesterday and im afraid at the rate it will wear out fairly soon.

Riley is awake i must go feed the little man some breakfast. he has his 18 month appointment this morning and he gets SHOTS!!

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